Joomla component RentFlat for apartment rental in your city.


This component manages internal database and written mostly  for the owners and landlords who uses Google Calendars for accounting and booking purposes and sell their flat for rent to the world famous rental sites. Each room has its own calendar, where landlord is making notes about bookings, number of guests, country etc.. After initial setup Joomla component can start the synchronization with Google calendar via Push notifications from Google. After creating channel  between site and google calendar, any changes in Google Calendar ( new booking, booking cancelation, booking amendment and may be some others)  immediately pushed to to website database, so the site internal database is synchronized with Google Calendars. In case of any errors, that Google says could be possible, scripts that make full synchronization of database run nightly, in order to have exact mirror of Google calendars. All stuff are driving automatically, component stops and restarts Google Channels nearly at the end of there life cycle, the task of owner is only to change booking information about room once in 10-14 days at least or channel stops. It is the first step for those who has several dozen flats, and who do not want to to use paid channel manager, and to fill and maintain several databases. Database is only one.


Component has the facility to distribute its own calendars for other sites, that offers you property in the internet. The advantage of such distribution is that landlord can hide some sensitive data, like cards number, cardholder names etc that he usually like to store in Google calendars, it will not be redistributed to third party, because in case of importing data from Google calendar directly, third party may read all events data.

Component has ability to manage prices for each apartments with fullcalendar jquery plugin. This is done for next step of development - channel manager, its not ready yet. Or price can be managed as calendars in google  calendars too.

The idea is - to get channel manager on the landlord site. That will give the the opportunity to have one central database, with all advantages of building front end for visitors of the site. It could help to create dynamic front end pages with the information about the occupancy, prices and availability,  with good reflection of recent bookings and so on.

If you get interested in such solution, please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. maybe we can be useful each other.