We are glad to announce, that Hungary and Budapest are free to visit from the whole Europe, after coronavirus madhouse!

 Rent proven apartments in the center of Budapest without intermediaries, from the owners at comfortable prices.


Are you going to Hungary for Budapest for a few days? Do you need proven housing, apartments in the center, so as not to travel far in transport, the apartment is preferably not expensive, not cheaper than hotel rooms, is the apartment comfortable and convenient?

You have come to the address, we are engaged in short-term rental of comfortable housing (apartments and apartments) for visitors to Budapest in the very center of the city at attractive prices. Our family-owned rental business has existed since 2011, we are constantly improving our service and in parallel with the rental of housing, we can offer transfer services, excursions, and just give good advice on how to spend time in Budapest, share life hacks, on specific life situations that you may have in our Budapest and always come to your aid in case you have any problems.

Why does it make sense to trust us? Why are we better than dozens of other landlords in Budapest?

Firstly, despite us not knowing your language as  good as you knowing it, We have a feeling our English is good enough do understand your needs. Although we are pretty sure where are not as fluent in your language as you are, We feel our English is good enough to find common ground. Secondly, with us you can propose furious trade, if you are suddenly not satisfied with the price of the apartments you are renting, you will give your arguments, we will try to justify ours. Thirdly, we are keeping the prices of our apartments as low as possible in order to be competitive and successful. Without false modesty, we can say that far from all the housing that we rent, we rent on sites such as Arbnb.com, Booking.com, TripAdviser.com, some of the sensible guests of Budapest rent apartments through our website, more precisely through several sites , of which the most famous is budapestflat.net and is easily located, it has a slightly archaic design, but it is still dear to us. The purpose of this site is to provide competition to speculators profiting from the resale of renting our apartments, and to be more useful and convenient for our visitors. And finally, in the fourth, these are our apartments, no one except us rents them, what you find on the Internet from intermediaries is still our apartments, and it is always cheaper to rent from the owners. On this new site, we have already laid out detailed descriptions of apartments, provided links to reviews, and each of our apartments, where you can get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages, brought the nearest catering points on the map around the apartment (restaurants, cafes, eateries), replenish them with honest reviews from google maps (mainly in Russian), places to visit in Budapest, currency exchangers, and of course grocery stores, all these facilities are equipped with fresh reviews. We will expand this list for you. If you find any new points, we will be grateful for your information.

Trust us and we will arrange you in Budapest! :)

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