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 Our family business has been operating since 2011, and is engaged in the rental of apartments in the center of Budapest. These are our apartments or apartments that the owners of the flats, gave us to manage, so as not to engage in the rental of their apartments themselves.

Coronavirus has stopped the entire tourism business in Budapest at the moment. The city is almost martial law. Only the institutions necessary for the survival of people are working. We hope that after some time, this stage will end, the world will get rid of this misfortune and people will want and will be able to travel again. It could not be otherwise.

Nevertheless, if you have plans to visit Budapest, in some distant or near future, we will be happy to register your reservation request and let us know on the eve that we are ready to accept you. Later we can decide togeter whether your arrival is possible, whether the situation has improved and whether it makes sense to visit Budapest on your dates, or whether they should be changed.


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