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  1. In Budapest on Wednesday, the head of the epidemiology department of the National Public Health Center announced that a new vaccine against the coronavirus developed by Pfizer and BioTech arrived in Hungary. Ágnes Galgóczi said that 109,440 vaccine doses have now arrived out of the 9.5 million doses of the EU purchase. The vaccine was […]

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  2. Dr. János Szlávik, Chief Infectologist of the South Pest Center Hospital, spoke to Mandiner about Covid-19, while Dr. Ferenc Jakab, Professor of Virology, Deputy Rector of the University of Pécs, Head of the National Virological Laboratory, gave an interview to about the virus. There was talk of vaccination, masks, new variants, and rising infection […]

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  3. The epidemic never really disappeared, but by the third year people had gotten used to it, especially as the Ukrainian war broke out and monkeypox arrived in Hungary as well. The relative calm regarding the coronavirus now seems to be changing with the emergence of new variants, Telex reports. In Western Europe, the coronavirus epidemic […]

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  4. The name and photos of Hungarian biochemist Katalin Karikó, one of the most important pioneers of mRNA technology, were allegedly misused in advertisements for products and preparations for fungal diseases. In a statement made by Katalin Karikó, research professor and former student of the University of Szeged, she said that several people have drawn her […]

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  5. Hungarian company Femtonics Kft. has started a large-scale investment for the development of its Covid-19-specific ventilator and diagnostic manufacturing capacity in Kővágószőlős, near the city of Pécs. The company received a conditional reimbursement of HUF 731.80 million in EU funding and allocated a total of HUF 914.75 million for the development. The project aims to […]

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